Mortlake WDSJC 2014


Congratulations to Steven Hill and the super talented, Yalambi’s Bellini Star for a great win in the Grand Prix Yesterday.

Binnie Barclay Memorial Grand Prix Results:

1st Steven Hill – Yalambi’s Bellini Star
2nd Russell Johnstone – Borealis Centurion
3rd Tim Clarke – Caltango
4th Kristy Bruhn – Harbarty
5th Jess Barton – Lamaz
6th Andrew Lamb – CP Argento
7th David Lever – Serena
8th Melissa Robertson – Ameroo VeeBee

The Mini Prix was won by Ingrid Williamson riding the very consistent – I Reckon.

Scottie Barclay did a great job riding Volador to win the 1.20m Under 40 Points Championship.

Many thanks to the Caramut Riding Club for running yet another fantastic event.


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