Tamworth Winter Showjumping Championships

We are on the way home to Victoria after a successful but eventful week in Tamworth. We were all very proud of Jamie Kermond and Lamaz after winning the Omega Feeds Grand Prix Yesterday. Barry had is first win on Blondie in the 85cm and Carisma jumped a great jump off round in the 1.15-1.20m Championship to finish 3rd behind some far more experienced combinations.

Barry’s moment of glory was unfortunately short lived after Blondie slipped and fell in the 95cm and Barry broke his collar bone! So as we head of back down the Newell Barry has flown home to get the the specialist in Melbourne… That’s showjumping! The team has incurred a broken nose, a broken finger and a broken collar bone… hopefully it does only come in threes.

Full results from the Grand Prix:

1st Jamie Kermond – Lamaz
2nd Samantha McIntosh – Estina
3rd Natalie McNeill – Vasandra
4th Samantha McIntosh – Clair
5th Clem Smith – Guru

Thank you to the organisers of this wonderful event, the Maunder Family and Dave Alden worked tirelessly all weekend to ensure that everything ran smoothly.  They were extremely accommodating throughout our stay and nothing was ever too much trouble.

2 thoughts on “Tamworth Winter Showjumping Championships

  1. Hi Jess So sorry to hear about all your injuries between you, Barry and your groom. Send him my sympathies. Thinking of you too. Kerry

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