Sale World Cup Show

Thank you to the organisers of Sale World Cup Show for running another great event. For once the weather was on everyone’s side!!

Congratulations to the following riders for wins through out the weekend:

Alison Rowland and Bickley Brook Bella for a great win in the World Cup Qualifier, Tom McDermott for 2nd on Rolex and Matt Afford for 3rd on Kaluna Thunderstruck.

Brook and Angela Dobbin for another Mini Prix win with the magnificent Silvo, who just keeps going from strength to strength (an exciting World Cup prospect for the future)

Jamie Coman riding his wifes lovely Nic of time, for a great win in the Futurity today.Alex Rooney for winning the D Grade Championship with her big Valhalla gelding. (I hear it was a very hot jump off!)

Tom McDermott rode a cracker round last night on the scopey and super brave SL Limerick to win the very exciting Speed Derby.

Zac Hopkinson won the Junior Champ this morning riding his lovely imported gelding Leyland!

Also, Congratulations to all other riders who won and placed throughout the weekend!

Full World Cup Results:
1st Alison Rowland – BB Bella
2nd Tom McDermott – CP Rolex
3rd Matt Afford – Kaluna Thunderstruck
4th Billy Raymont – Stardom
5th Tim Clarke – Caltango
6th Sheridan Manuel – Renmarno
7th Jamie Winning – Alpha Centuri
8th Jamie Kermond – Valhalla
9th Jamie Kermond – Colthaga

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