Weekend of World Cups

It is always a pleasure to do shows at SIEC and the Weekend of World Cups show was no exception.  Although it is expensive, the facilities are second to none and you always come away from the show with a sense of enthusiasm for the sport.

The quality of competition all weekend was really strong, with all the jump offs being fast and hotly contested.  The Friday saw height classes run in the indoor (ring 1) and all of the age group classes on the North grass arena (ring 2).

Carisma was first out Friday morning and jumped really well around the 5yo posting a double clear round.  This class was run by optimum time in the jump off so it was a bit of a lucky dip.  Volador, who is improving every weekend, jumped double clear in the 6yo class and finished in 4th place.

Lamaz and Coralline (ridden by David Lever) both had a start each in the 1.20m and 1.30m Am5 classes.  B0th horses qualified for the jump off of the 1.20m but were out of the placings.  Coralline had a fence down in the 1.30m, therefore not qualifying for the jump off.  Lamaz really pulled his finger out in the 1.30m and jumped two fantastic rounds to place 4th just behind Dave Cameron, Rory Hovell and Chuggy riding one of his many lovely homebred mares.

Saturday morning started in ring 2 for us with Volador jumping double clear in the 1.10m and also later in the afternoon in the 1.20m. Lamaz and Blondie both had 1 down each in the 1.30m Am5 but jumped well.  Later in the afternoon Volador jumped yet another double clear in the 1.20m Am7 and for once we were finished early and just had to wait for Brianna to ride in the Young Rider which started at 6pm.  She jumped around with a couple down, King Tutankhaman just looked a little flat after the trip, which was disappointing for her, but she still did a good job.

Sunday we all ended up running around a little bit crazy trying to organise the draws between ring 1 and ring 2.  After riding Volador around the 1.10m Am7 (double clear again but hard to beat the ponies) I RAN to ring one and RAN the course as the first horse was coming into the ring, then to discover that there had been some confusion with the draw and I was now number 3 on Lamaz as opposed to 38.  After some rushing and phone calls Katya saddled him quickly and Brianna trotted him up to the ring and we were in the ring by about horse 10.  Lamaz jumped a super and fast round in this class but unfortunately after all the rushing I missed an inside turn which cost me a bit of time and eventually cost me a good place in the class. Dave also had Coralline in the 1.30m and jumped a really super clear which kept him in 2nd place for quite some time, but eventually they all caught up.  I think Coralline and Lamaz finished about 6th and 7th respectively (or there about).

After our final class for the weekend in Ring 1 we headed back to Ring 2 for the 1.20m A2.  Volador jumped clear and fast to be just out of the placings and jump through yet another show without having a fence down.

After the 1.20m and some packing we headed up to the main ring to watch the class that everyone had been waiting for: the second World Cup Qualifier for the season.  After an exciting first round seeing 5 riders clear and 5 on 4 faults we were all set to witness an exciting jump off and it was nothing short of that.  Tom McDermott posted the first clear round in the jump off riding CP Romantic Dream (his first of two rides in 2nd round) putting pressure on the clears. Hilary Scott and Oaks Miss Scarlett, also on 4 faults from first round, jumped a lovely clear in the 2nd round as did Tim Clarke riding Caltango. First of the clears out in the second round was Chuggy riding Alondra, an unfortunate mishap on the turn back to the pink FEI fence saw it fall to the floor for 4 faults.  Sheridan Manual and the delightfully coloured Ranmarno had 8 faults in the jump off but posted the fastest time of the class. Alison Rowland was the 3rd of the clears to jump off riding Bickley Brook Bella, she was the first double clear in a very good time to put her straight to the lead.  Next out was David Dobson on board Akon, he jumped a super round and was fast to the last double but backed off the gas a little to the last which ended up costing him the class.  This horse jumped great all weekend, with a very convincing win in the 1.40m Friday night.  Akon has been super consistent throughout the trip following a good win at Mt Gambier in the A & B Grade Championship.  Last out was Tom McDermott, who had the sit with CP Rolex.  Tom started the round well but unfortunately had a couple down.  And so, the class was won by Alison Rowland riding the lovely Premier Des Hayettes mare Bickley Brook Bella, with 2nd place going to David Dobson riding the super careful Akon and 3rd to the very young and very talented Tom McDermott and CP Romantic Dream.

Final results:

1st – Alison Rowland – Bickley Brook Bella
2nd – David Dosbon – Akon
3rd – Tom McDermott – CP Romantic Dream
4th – Chris Chugg – Alondra
5th – Hilary Scott – Oaks Miss Scarlette
6th – Tim Clarke – Caltango
7th – Sheridan Manual – Ranmarno
8th – Chris Chugg – Diamond B Vigo
9th – Tom McDermott – CP Rolex
10th – Gabrielle Kuna – Diamond B Jimmy Choo

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