Sydney Trip

And so steady cold rain falls…….

Tomorrow we pack in anticipation of heading to Sydney for the Weekend of World Cups held at SIEC.  We, like many others, had a false start last weekend after the Showcase of Showjumping was cancelled due to torrential rain in the Hawksbury region.  De ja vu strikes, except this time, thankfully, we had not left home yet and were not contacted 30minutes out from meeting our destination of Diamond B Farm, Glossodia, to be informed that the Copabella Classic had been postponed.

This weekend we will take six of our horses to Sydney plus Brianna Devine and he trusty Young Rider horse King Tutankhamun. So six will compete at the show plus Le Belvedere (Zed) so he can do no harm while we are away from the property.  He is still out of action after a minor misjudgment or rather “moment” where he haphazardly greeted one of the mares who was standingly unwittingly in her stable and somehow managed to end up in the stable with her…. Needless to say, the stable door came off a little better than he did and thankfully he is a pretty genuine big beast and the mare (Carisma) was left unharmed and was able to be swiftly shooed out of her stable.

So, looking forward to a good weekend of show jumping.  Hopefully all goes well with the horses (and the weather) and we will be able to compete at the Showcase of Showjumping, which has been rescheduled for the weekend of the 5th and 6th May.

We always look forward to doing shows at SIEC because of the impeccable facilities however, we will be sure to pack the mini white quad to save our little legs.  Ruby and Boof will also be joining us on this adventure so I’m sure we will have some photos to add to their own blog

David Lever will also be gracing us with his presence on the trip.  Dave will be riding Belcam Coralline, he likes big red girls.

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