Recent Show Results and Update

Over the last few months we have been busily travelling all over the country from Gawler to Dubbo.

Gawler Agricultural Show again hosted the world cup qualifier, which was hotly contested and eventually won by young gun Tom McDermott.

It has been a while since I have ridden a pony at a show but at Gawler, I was roped into it as a good excuse for Lamaz, (separation anxiety sufferer) to have a little friend. Harry the 13.2h riding pony/Welsh quickly became popular even amongst the showjumping fraternity, Sadly he only got two starts for the whole time we were away, but he was a good boy and served his purpose.

Lamaz jumped well at this show but was a little short of a run,  I started him in the Mini Prix on the Sunday, which he jumped well in but had a fence down.

Adelaide Royal

At the royal Lamaz jumped super most of the show, the most pleasing result was jumping around the grand prix, which was a big class for us and picking up 2nd place in the final section 2 event.

Shepparton Show

We had a couple of weeks off from shows after Adelaide before heading to Shepparton for the Agricultural Show.

All horses jumped well at this show.  It was the 2nd show ever for Carisma (Izzy) and Le Belvedere (Zed) and they both jumped around the 85 and 95cm classes travelling around like old pros.

Lamaz, Blondie and Charlie all jumped well over the weekend with a few placings.

Dubbo – Australian SJ Champs

The Australian Showjumping Championships in Dubbo saw strong fields in all classes. We took Lamaz, Charlie, Izzy and young rider Kel Stevens and her junior horse Twistie.

All round I was happy with how all of the horses jumped.  Izzy was fantastic, jumping around the 95cm-1.05m classes and eventually starting in the 5yo Young Horse class on the Saturday of the show which was a big ask for her, considering it was her third time out ever.

Charlie jumped great all weekend, with a double clear in the first of the D grade champ qualifiers before placing 3rd in the 2nd D grade champ qualifier.  He qualified 2nd for the final out of the 140 odd starters, but unfortunately had 1 off in the final.

Lamaz jumped well in both futurity qualifiers with 4 faults in the first and clear in the second finishing around 7th-8th place.  Unfortunately he had one down in the Futurity final but jumped well later in the Mini prix.

Kel Stevens jumped around the juniors and was quite impressive, representing WA on the state junior team, she did a super job and was also an extremely helpful groom throughout the weekend 🙂

Whittlesea Agricultural Show

Whittlesea show was a fun weekend and the horses jumped well but the results did not really reflect the performance.  Lamaz jumped around the A & B grade on Saturday and was slightly overwhelmed by the atmosphere, Blondie and Charlie jumped well around the C & D grade Saturday morning, with one fence down in the jump off for Blondie and the last fence in the first round for Charlie.

Sunday both horses jumped well in the C & D champ with Charlie having a fence down in the jump off (my fault).

The main class for the weekend was The Age Victorian Showjumping Championship.  The track was not overly imposing but took some jumping, especially with the atmosphere on the main arena complete with heavy harness.

Lamaz jumped a super first round with 1 unlucky rail jumping into the treble combination. Unfortunately in the second round he had a couple down.  He just felt flat after being so stressed in the practice ring and the first round. I was a bit disappointed but was still looking forward to the next weekend because he always jumps well at Shepparton.

Shepparton World Cup Show – NVSJC

Lamaz, Charlie, Carisma and Blondie all competed at Shepparton.  Charlie jumped well all weekend with unlucky rails in the 1.20m j/o and also the d grade champ j/o but in general I was really pleased with how he jumped.  Blondie jumped well in the 1.20m and the C grade champ, feeling strong and confident, she also jumped clear in the 1.15m in the 2nd ring but I missed the jump off while walking the course for the A & B A2.  Carisma had a fence down in the maiden D grade which was a big ask for the level she is at, on the Saturday she jumped around the Under 16 Junior H/C and clear which was pleasing.

Lamaz jumped great all weekend placing 4th in the 1.30m with a nice double clear and 3rd in the Mini Prix, which is probably one of our best performances to date, he was jumping super careful and was very fun to ride in the jump off.

Wodonga & Korumburra

Three days later after heading home to work we were back on the road to Wodonga for the world cup show.  This time I only took Lamaz.  He jumped really well the first day with 1 down in the 1.35m.  On Friday morning he jumped a really nice double clear to be placed 4th in the B and C grade championship which was won by Evie Buller and Yalambi’s Landor, who are a very speedy combination!

That afternoon I headed off back down to Korumburra, where I meet Sherrie who had picked up Charlie and Izzy for me from home.  Saturday of the show was a real fizzer as the rain poured down Friday night and persisted Saturday morning.  I opted to leave Lamaz and Charlie in the stables where we were staying and just take Izzy down to the show for the Maiden D and some height classes.  She jumped around nicely before we promptly loaded her back on the float and headed home for the afternoon.

The rain held off Saturday night and Sunday morning so we headed back to the show on Sunday morning.  Izzy jumped clear in the 95cm with a time fault because I hadn’t walked the course and lost my way.  Chicago bay jumped clear in the first round of the 1.15m AM5, then clear and fast in the jump off to place 2nd and send himself C grade!  It was the best the horse has ever felt and it was nice to go C grade from such a nice round.

I opted to scratch from the 1.35m Championship on Lamaz because the going had chopped up far too much in the grass arena and I thought it was best to keep the horse and myself confident before Sale WC Show.

Sale WC Show

Sale was a quiet weekend for me.  With Blondie out for action for breeding purposes and Charlie resting, Lamaz and Izzy were the only two to get a run.

Izzy travelled and jumped really nicely around the 95cm Am7, which ended up being her only start for the weekend due to the weather conditions.  Lamaz was rather cheeky first up in the 1.30m speed class running off the 2nd fence, which I had anticipated he would not be so fond of.  An imposing brick wall with Graffiti along the bottom… not his cup of tea, he jumped it on the second attempt and continued to all weekend, not without a spook each time, but he is special and I should know better.  He jumped amazing in the 1.40-1.45m A2 which was the next class on the program.  He felt great and tried really hard, eventually placing 5th behind 4 very talented combinations which was nice.

Now its time to get back to work at home with no shows for a few weeks.  Time to get stuck into the 3 and 4 year olds….


2nd – Section 2 AM5 – Adelaide Royal – Lamaz
4th 1.10m – Shepparton Show – Belcam Coralline
4th B & C Grade AM5 – Shepparton Show – Lamaz
5th 1.30m AM5 – Shepparton Show – Lamaz
3rd – D grade champ – 2nd round qualifier – Dubbo – Chicago Bay
4th – 1.30m AM5 – Shepparton WC Show – Lamaz
3rd – Mini Prix – Shepparton WC Show – Lamaz
4th B & C grade championship – Wodonga – Lamaz
2nd 1.15m Am5 – Korumburra Show – Chicago Bay
5th – 1.40-1.45m A2 – Sale WC Show – Lamaz

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